Holiday Wood Floor Preparations

Holiday Wood Floor Preparations

‘Tis the season and preparations are underway for the holidays.   Here are just a few quick maintenance steps to getting your wood floors looking refreshed and beautiful.

Vacuum- use a soft bristle vacuum to clean up loose debris.   Vacuuming and cleaning regularly will help keep the floors looking new and prevent damage.

Clean- use what the  manufacturer  recommends for a cleaner.  Avoid using harsh cleaners, excess water, or steaming your wood floors. Remember less is more when spraying cleaner on your wood floors.  Promptly wipe up any spills to help prevent stains and to avoid warping on the wood floors.

Welcome Mats- put down breathable welcome mats (nothing with rubber or backing plastic) at all entrances of your home to stop the dirt from coming into the house.  When build up of sand or dirt occurs, it can dull the finish that is on top of the floor.

EZ Glides- applying EZ glides can prevent scratches between the table and chairs and your hardwood flooring.  A variety of sizes of EZ Glides can be purchase here at The Wood Floor Store.

Now your wood floors will be fresh and ready for the holidays!